3 Ways to Have Your Penis Humiliated

Penis humiliated

There’s nothing you can do about having a small penis except for what is suitable, which is having your penis humiliated.

Many of you guys out there, luckily for us Mistresses, know that your lack of manhood in the underpants region will never get you far with a real woman especially a true Goddess.

You also realize that you won’t ever have a chance at actually pleasing a woman sexually. Oh and don’t give us the you give great oral sex line of b.s. because that’s exactly what it is. Oral sex can’t ever make up for a big penis so quit dreaming.

Instead just accept your place, present your pitiful penis and prepare to have your penis humiliated. It’s your lucky day because we have found two great ways for you to endure the tiny dick humiliation that you deserve! Aren’t you excited? You should be.

3 Ways to Have Your Penis Humiliated Properly

You know what to do. Jiggle and wiggle that little winky out and get ready to get humiliated!

1. Getting Made Fun of Over the Phone

Penis made fun of over the phone

Give them a call or let one of us call you.

2. Being Seen and Laughed at on Webcam

Penis laughed at on cam

Image via PetitTemptation/ImaFemdom

3. Submitting Penis Pics to SYTD


Image via ShowYourTinyDick.com

Femdom Livestream

1 thought on “3 Ways to Have Your Penis Humiliated

  1. Well also very humiliating for me was that I had to hump an old worn out pair of plastic rain boots in front of my ex wife before she came up with the blow up doll. But I think the plastic blow up doll is more humiliating as there are more possibilities to present me with such a plastic girlfriend.

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