4 Ways to Tell You’re a Sissy

Are you a sissy and don’t even know it? We are sure you do but if you’re on the fence about it, here are 4 ways to tell you are a sissy.

4 Ways to Tell You’re a Sissy

Ready to find out if it’s true? Let us now find out if you’re in fact a sissy!

1. You’ve Always Loved Panties


2. You Passed Up Sex to Jerk Off Online


3. You’ve Got Hard Thinking About Cocks


4. The Idea of a Strapon Turns You On


Check out the 4 different ways of seeing if you are a sissy and see if any of them sound like you! Like this, tweet it out or leave us a comment below!

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22 thoughts on “4 Ways to Tell You’re a Sissy

  1. Yes I passed the test. I am for sure a sissy. I have loved panties since forever now. I turned down sex with woman many times to wear panties and jack off looking at pics of men too. I get instantly hard seeing or thinking about cocks, I daydream daily about being used hard by a strapon.

  2. Marisa McNeill I am a sissyfaggot and I love it, My mouth is like a pussy all Cocks welcome, and I love the taste of Cum mmm
    so good

    Marisa xox

    I am a Sissy Slut

  3. I can say for sure now(with pride)that yes I am a sissy. I love wearing panties, high heels, mini skirts, tank tops,make up and anything else that’s girly. I have passed up having sex with my wife many of times to jerk myself off while on-line pretending that the cock in my hand was some other guys. My wife and I went to the adult book store where she picked out a dildo just for me. And yes I loved every minute that she had me bent over. And although guys don’t generally turn me on to just look at them I had to stop taking showers years ago at the gym because my little lady like dick clit would get real hard and I would find myself stair. Thanks I wasn’t sure before if I was just roll playing or if I was expressing another side of myself(the sissy side). Thanks again your girl Patti.

  4. Always loved nylon panties trimmed with lace, my wife is seriously ill, so I turn to the internet and thoughts of women with strapons or shemales ramming my butt has come to me a lot lately

  5. I am a gay sissy faggot slut. I worship cock and love to swallow cum and be fucked by any man who wants my hole. Happy for any man to piss on me too. I love being used and abused by men. Dam I wish I knew this about myself a long time ago. I am now 60!! Cant get enough cock.

  6. I am in Brisbane, Australia. Get in touch if you want to be sucked off or need an arse to fuck. I am a total sissy slut.

  7. Well i’ve always security knew it all along,but no this proves it,just taking the test made me want all of these thing and to do them.

  8. Yes I want to be a sissy. I just love dressing up and I wear a night dress to bed with the underwear that goes with the night dress. I also want a man that understands me and treat me as a female. I don’t care what any one thinks it is my life and I am not hurting any one.

  9. Yes I want to be a sissy. I just love dressing up and I wear a night dress to bed with the underwear that goes with the night dress

  10. I’m a sissyslut looking for anyone to humiliate me use and abuse me would love a lesbian wife to serve as maid to her and friends to be punished always

  11. I eagerly await replies I’m honest have home am single can accom outdoor bondage humiliation and public loo visits always welcome long bondage sessions verbal humiliation requested slutmolly1951

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