From Alyssa to SYTD: The road to a lifetime sentence of ass slavery and cuckolding

Alyssa to SYTD: Road to Ass Slavery and Cuckolding

I’m 6 foot 1 and average sized build but where it really counts. I have come to realize, after many dumpings and a total conversion into a BBC promoting bitch boy, that having a 4 inch cocklette disqualifies you from certain things in life.

Realizing I’m Small in the Pants

My first try getting a “handjob” I’ll never forget, as it turned out to be a 2 finger tug and the first realization I had about being sub par in the pants department. Alyssa was nice enough to let me try even though she cheated on me with big cocks, and eventually marrying one. However she let me ooze puddles after two pumps or if missionary I’d last 3 or 4 sometimes.

Pumped and Dumped Like a Bitch

After she dumped me two separate times the pattern continued with other girls. While on the internet searching about penis size I came across a site called SYTD and met goddess Jennifer who helped me get past my biggest and final dumping disengagement.

Dumped after engagement ring.

She then turned me into an ass worshiping, cucky cleanup begging bottom barrel bitchboy who tugs off into his exes panties, humps high heels, uses tweezers to tug, bashes his own tiny balls in with mallets and clubs and begs to make pity puddles while sending money to superior goddesses.

Ass Licking Cuckold Status on the Horizon

I’ve tried to get a chance back with my old ex’s used up and pounded Italian ass cheeks but if I do ever get a chance my only command is to try and lick her asshole at some point.

I am sitting here now looking at her picture imagining and hoping that she is getting regular BBC or BWC and that I can continue to be her venting bitch boy while I service goddess Jennifer’s glorious and immaculate ass for the rest of my life.

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