Are You a Closet Panty Wearing Sissy?

Panty wearing sissy
Panty wearing sissy
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No need to be ashamed, just admit that you’re a closet panty wearing sissy! Oh you don’t know if you are a sissy or not? Well I can help you with that.

First of all how many times have you tried on panties? If you answered anything more than one then guess what? That’s right, you have some secret sissy tendencies!

You’re not the only man on the face of the earth. There are plenty of sissies like you. Notice I said like you (wink, wink). But lets get back to some more ways to tell if you’re a close panty wearing sissy or not.

Another great example would be if you love women’s clothing such as flirty skirts, sexy stockings, high heels or even bras and tops of course. Do you ever find yourself thinking about being all cute and flirty, dressed up in feminine clothing in front of other men or even just women?

Tell if You’re a Panty Wearing Sissy

Now how about these last three signs you’re a sissy. If you’ve ever thought about or experimented with make-up, dildos and/or vibrators or last but not least, fantasized about being with other men than odds are you truly are a sissy in denial. So why not just embrace it and live the dream!

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3 thoughts on “Are You a Closet Panty Wearing Sissy?

  1. I am a closet sissy. I do wear women’s dresses in the house and i take care of cooking, cleaning. and all the housework wearing daree and blouse.
    I always wear panties and camisoles under my regular dress when going out

  2. After years of playing the macho male, i blurted out one night to my Lady that i would like to wear her panties. She instinctively knew i had surrendered control. The next day i found myself in the Ladies dept. of a major dept. store as She picked out several sets of lingerie for me. i be
    came panty clad 24/7 and much more.

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