Ass Worship Cam Princess

Ass worship cam princess

Earlier today I had an encounter with a new ass worship princess on cam. I had a long day at work so as I sometimes do I was trying to resist being submissive to her; that lasted real long.

The first thing she did was start teasing me by sliding her jeans down enough so I could see her cute panties and pointing out the fact that she knew I couldn’t resist her butt in them.

Of course she was right but I was trying to act like I was a dominant guy who wanted to pound her deep. She just laughed when I told her that, ridiculed me for having an inferior penis and then made me send her 20 bucks for trying to play games with her, which of course I did. Now she had me right where she wanted me; humiliated and weak.

Time to Worship That Ass

Before I could even fight it she has her ass up to the cam telling me it was time to worship and I couldn’t even try to resist because she was wearing full butt panties! I don’t know how she knew that the key to me bowing down to ass worship was to not wear thongs as they are too revealing for me when it comes to teasing, but she did.

Look at the picture she let me snap during our session and you tell me if that ass couldn’t bring you to your knees. I almost forgot she goes by the name KKLove45 on Imafemdom.

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