Ass Worship Slaves Wanted Now

Ass worship slaves

You read it right; I need ass worship slaves now

Take a good look at my ass and you’ll see exactly why it deserves worship and why you should submit to it. One look at it leaves you wanting to kiss, snuggle and rub on it.

My hot buns love that kind of treatment will settle for nothing less. Crawl to sweet cheeks and beg to be allowed to serve them.

Show me that you know how to properly handle a butt like mean or in the very least tell me you need to be trained to be a proper ass worshiping slave.

Pucker up those lips and get in touch with me when you are ready for a superior ass to rule over your life.

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9 thoughts on “Ass Worship Slaves Wanted Now

  1. Please feel free to contact me if You are in the la california area and need a guy who is clean, respectful and happy showing his face 323-599-3425

  2. Your pert bottom covered in black silk makes me weak for you Mistress. I want to kiss and lick your ass and wear your pretty panties.

  3. please please on knees begging for training worship your arse do everything you ask and love it please allow me your time and train me as your own i want to give everything i know and worship you and your ass, please.

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