Blonde Mistress Drains Wallets

Blonde Mistress Drains Wallets

Guess what losers? It’s time for a worship session and this you’re going to worship my pretty blonde ass. I’m blonde mistress that loves to drain wallets.

You’re probably staring at it getting hard right now but you should know that only I can allow you to jerk off or not. So keep that stiff pecker in your pants until you’re ready to show me how submissive you are to my body.

I deserve and want to be worshiped from head to toe on a regular basis and I mean everything. My toes, the soles of my feet, my knees, ass, panties and everything else.

Get Drained Like a Good Pay Pig

That’s why I only seek truly obedient and loyal slaves to own and rule over. My body and beautiful face are worth far to much then to waste a second of it on some time waster or want to be sub.

If you on the other hand truly enjoy being submissive and controlled by a beautiful goddess than you can come and tell me how bad you need this and we’ll take it from there.

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