Booty Worship: Twerking and Plenty of Jerking

Booty worship

It’s no secret that guys love big butts but booty worship takes it to a whole different level.

Booty worship is more than just love for a cute butt. Everyone knows that plenty of men are suckers for some sexy buns but what I’m talking about is far beyond that. We’re talking about a real deal fetish for booties.

There’s really no comparison between a man into round juicy butts and one that wants to worship that ass. Soon you’ll find out exactly what I mean by that. This is an obsession with round butts.

Fetish Known as Booty Worship

Booty Worship is a fetish involving an extreme attraction to and desire to pleasure a woman’s ass. This can involve everything from watching a woman shaking it or twerking to ass licking and even having their faces sat on.

Basically anything involving hot butt-cheeks will drive men with a booty worship fetish wild. Size doesn’t matter in regards to this because there are guys that want to service big and small asses in this realm.

What Goes Over Her Booty

They are known to fantasize about all of the different clothing such as panties, pantyhose and leggings, that get the privilege of touching a woman’s ass. Some ass slaves even obsess about different types of fabrics, fit and colors in regards to these items as well. It doesn’t stop there either!

Adoring Ass with All Senses

Booty worshipers also love the look, touch, feel and scent of a booty. Watching it move, jiggle and shake, all the while thinking about how good it must smell will leave even the strongest willed ass lover throbbing. This is where all the booty shaking, panty teasing, facesitting, twerking and jerking come into play.

So if you’re dating a guy that can’t keep his mind or hands off your ass then odds are you’re dealing with someone that has a booty worship fetish. That same logic applies to you single guys out there or find yourselves jerking off nonstop to booty online then you might be a booty worshiper and now even know it.

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