Bow Down to My High Heels

Bow down to high heels

How do you feel when you see a pair of gorgeous high heels? Does it make you weak and throbbing?

Do they leave you dying to bow down beside them and take in their aromas? Of course it does because you can’t get enough of those naughty heels – they are forever teasing you into submission.

When I chat with foot craving submissive men and find out about their weakness for my feet and shoes – I make sure to use it to my advantage.

That’s what you ache for as well

A confident woman who knows just how to push those buttons and bring you to the edge before reeling you back in. You’d love to be down by the heels of your owner and begging for the privilege of bowing before her royal high heels. If you don’t already crave such things – you soon will.

Pay Your Respects to My Heels

All of us Foot Mistresses know the things you horny pigs crave such as humping our shoes foot jobs, sticking your wink into the soles of our worn footwear, among other things.

So what are your favorite aspects to bowing down a true Goddess or Mistress’ high heels? Share your thoughts in the comments or come and serve our feet… if you can take it.

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5 thoughts on “Bow Down to My High Heels

  1. I’ve had a huge stiletto fetish for as long as I remember. They just seem to have a power over that I cannot resist. I can’t help looking and staring at them as I just want to completely and unconditionally submit to them and the wearer.

  2. i am new to this i think i. Need to submit in front of beauty godess like u to make me what ever they want kik sexy5374

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