Bury Your Face in My Panties and Sniff!

Bury Your Face in My Panties and Sniff

You know you can’t stop your panty cravings. So just give up and bury your face in my panties and sniff it up.

Whether it’s my bikinis, thongs or booty shorts, we both realize that you’d be willing to do anything to get a whiff of them. You are the same guy who anytime he saw a pair rolled up on the floor would have to keep looking at them wondering if you could sneak over for a quick sniffy.

The same guy who would snoop through dressers when no one was looking hoping to find a silky pair of panties to rub on. It’s no secret to me so it shouldn’t be to you either.

I’d much rather you admit it to us dominant women, take the humiliation and laughter, take the attitude faces and then see what it’s like to be tormented about it while having one of us making you bury that face deep into them for a deep inhalation session.

Panties Have Power Over You

Your mind simply goes to mush when it sees a pretty panty laying about or when you get a sneak peak. They are what you constantly find yourself stiffening up thinking about. That’s exactly why you need to let go of all control and feel the power that our panties have over you. You can’t resist panty sniffing no matter how hard you try.

That’s right you need to start serving a panty princess right now. It’s your destiny to serve Mistress Sweet.

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1 thought on “Bury Your Face in My Panties and Sniff!

  1. I admit, I am a panty freak. Doesn’t matter what kind, Many times I have found and looked for panties and sniffed them for hours.

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