Cash Piggy Mug for Money Slaves

Cash Piggy Mug for Money Slaves

Talk about the perfect way for a money slave to start the day with this Cash Piggy Mug! We are firm believers in the fact that a truly submissive cash slave should not be able to hide from it and needs reminders.

Well just imagine waking up and pouring yourself a cup of coffee into this. As you sip away all you can do is think about the next time you get to pay.

With every sip you slip deeper into a submissive state where all you can do is think about more ways to please your Princess like the cash piggy you are!

Only Mug for Cash Piggy Slaves

Damn this thing is hilarious! The moment we saw it we knew it had to be on the site for all of you lowly cash piggies. So here it is, just for you to enjoy. Pick yourself up one and get a reminder every time you get a refill.

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