Cash Princess for Lowly Human Atms

Cash Princess
Cash Princess
Credit: Pamela_LOve/ImaFemdom

Guess what time it is? Time to serve your new cash princess. I’m Pamela a 26 year old perfect pantied cash princess that enjoys seeing how worked up I can get you.

I’ve always had a taste for using men however I saw fit and it has continued through till present. It doesn’t matter if you’re an older pig or a younger cash pig because I enjoy both. All it takes is obedience, tons of training and devoting your life to serving me.

There is nothing better than spending every moment thinking about and serving me properly.

Pamela the Cash Princess is Your Ruler

This is the life human atm’s like you crave and deserve more than anything. Unlike many other cash princesses I don’t care if you whine, beg or complain that you’re going to broke. For me it’s all part of the fun. In other words I’ve bankrupted a few men but it doesn’t mean it has to go that far with you.

I’ll leave you enough cash to eat, sleep and get to work to earn your cash princess more money.

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