Cash Raping via an Ebony Money Mistress

Cash Raping via an Ebony Money Mistress

Don’t be shy because I’m definitely not. Cash raping is what I love to do, hell I was born to use you. My favorite type of slave is a horny white boy!

You know why? It’s because I know you submissive white guys can’t get enough of my caramel sweetness.

All you of get one glimpse at my hot chocolate ass and start straining your jeans and you simply can’t help yourself. My exotic body is just too much for you to handle and that’s why a slave needs cough up all that hard earned white boy money to their greedy little money mistress.

I know how to blow through stacks fast so you better keep up with me if you ever want to be one of my favorites.

Your Ebony Money Mistress Will Rule You

You know what my favorites get from their money mistress? How about phone calls, webcam training and of course the privilege of seeing such a perfect body.

But keep in mind that it comes at a price and one that will leave you humping the air in heat for me on a regular basis. Now that you know what’s up, it’s time to start obeying and paying your money mistress now!

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