Cum Eating Instructions for Sissy Pigs

cum eating instructions

You’re sitting there fantasizing about being a sissy one minute and the next you’re thinking about cum eating instructions. Now that’s what you call the fantasies of sissy pigs and humiliation slaves.

That’s just what you are though which is why you’re here in the first place. Many submissive men try to back out at the last second when it comes to eating their own load but they continue to find themselves craving it time and time again — just like some of you probably do right now.

Are you craving cum right now? Do you get hard at the very thought of it shooting out and being made to lick it all up?

Cum eating instructions keep you from backing out.

Those sissy cum eating thoughts aren’t going to leave, they are only going to get stronger which is why you need cum eating instructions so that you can’t back out.

All you need to do now is choose a femdom mistress on cam and we’ll be there with you the entire time guiding you, teasing you or whatever works best in your situation to ensure you take that cream like a good slave.

It’s time that you take the facial or mouthful that you crave so often and get live cum eating instructions to push you over the edge.

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