Does Facesitting Turn You On?

Does facesitting turn you on?

There is just something about a perfect round but propped up on your face. Does facesitting turn you on?

This is something I know that plenty of you simply can’t resist. You see those round buns, panties pulled up tightly against them and start instantly aching to bury your face into them.

You believe it’s your place and it is. There’s no place you’d rather be than beneath those powerful cheeks, breathing in that essence of femininity.

For those of you that aren’t facesitting slaves, you should probably tiptoe on to another article but the ones that are, are already in bliss just thinking about it now. In reality most of you addicts couldn’t get a beautiful girl any other way and know that the least you can do is offer your face as a nice warm place to sit down upon.

The only other thing is maybe cleaning services, lubricating services and of course cash slavery. You’d do anything to take your place and we know that. So just know that when you are ready to have your face become a seat just know that we will be there to exploit it and turn it into a full blown addiction.

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