Feet like mine deserve to be spoiled

My feet should be spoiled

Pretty feet like mine are to be adored and deserve to be spoiled. They make you weak, so therefore they rule your dick now too. 

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. A foot mistress like wants slaves that know their place. My feet should be what you crave the most and you should be more than happy to do what it takes to treat them properly.

My feet are better than you, more powerful than you and definitely smell better than you. Give them a few sniffs and you’ll agree. Be prepared to serve, spoil and fall in love with my gorgeous feet.

Pantyhose, heels, sandals or my natural bare feet will be used to control your cock and you can give in to them online immediately. View more of my custom pics and spoil my feet on cam here. This is what you’ve always wanted and now is the time to get it.

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