Female Domination Done the Right Way

Princess BettyY

All submissive men know there should only be one rule of law and that’s female domination. After all we have the beautiful bodies, superior minds and the combination is unstoppable.

Even for guys who don’t consider themselves submissive will find that it’s extremely difficult to turn down the advances and power of a dominant woman.

This domination can come in various forms ranging from those of us who enjoy humiliating men to those of us who enjoy draining them of every dollar they have and then kicking them to the curb.

Female Domination Done Right

It all depends some of us girls use it to simply get a few shopping trips out of a guy then there are those of us who are truly into female domination and use it in all aspects of our lives.

Femdoms like us really find enjoyment in breaking down a man and getting him to do anything and everything we want.

We enjoy exploiting and using your fantasies and those things that really turn you on against you so that we gain financially as well as other ways of course.

Little pig boys know there’s nothing they can do to stop us so it’s better to just give in, submit, spoil and do exactly as we demand.

You can try to claim that you don’t crave it but the fact that you keep getting rock hard every time you think about it proves that you ache for female domination in your life.

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