Financial Domina of Your Dreams

Financial Domina

Financial Domina

You wish you could be with me but you know a girl like wouldn’t give you the time. I’m a Financial Domina and I love making you cash pigs and money slaves blow all that hard earned money on me.

If you want to see a glimpse of my hot body, you’re going to pay for it. Want to worship my toes? Break out your wallet. Just drooling to see my perfectly built ass in your face? Start tributing cash pig!

You guys are lucky I even do this or you’d just be somewhere beating off probably crying yourself to sleep at night. So make sure to be thankful for privilege of being able to serve a financial dominatrix like me bitches.

Financial Domina with No Limits

Do you enjoy unbreakable addictions? I hope so because you’re about to start a new one. Funny thing is that even knowing how addictive and ruthless I can be – only makes you harder and more eager to crawl to me carrying those credit cards and cash in your mouth.

You can’t resist me and why would you want to? I mean look at me losers you know this is what you have been fantasizing about your entire life and now, because I’m so sweet and kind, you have the ability to serve a true goddess like me. So quit wasting time and get ready to become my personal piggy bank.

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