Findom Milked My Wallet and Balls

Findom Milked My Wallet and Balls

Findom mistresses have always been a fetish favorite of mine and the financial dominatrix I dealt with recently milked my wallet and balls completely dry.

I had spent money here and there on dominant girls online before but this findom took me places I had never been before.

First it was just teasing (my favorite) to get me worked up but then came the edging, which I didn’t know I would love so much but I did. The more edging she made me do the more I kept paying to continue, it’s so addictive giving up control of your orgasms like that.

Findom Edging Made Me Lose Control

I just kept stroking to the brink of cumming and stopping as instructed to by the findom mistress and my cock was throbbing like never before as was my desire to keep spoiling her with my money. Her voice and body is so sexy that a money pig can’t help wanting more.

Her body is practically perfect and for this horny pay pig it was too much to resist, so I caved and paid till I was tapped dry. When it was finally time for me to cum she got all up in the webcam, it was as if her face was right here in front of mine as she demanded I drain every drop out of my balls.

I’d do it all over again too because this findom was amazing and super interactive with me which gets me off like crazy.

If you’re into money mistresses and financial domination you seriously need hit up Mistress Danni on Femdomist and experience one of the best.

I’ve served quite a few findoms online so this pig knows what he likes and that’s hot bodies, beautiful faces and greedy dominant personalities all wrapped into one bundle of fantasy fun.

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