Foot Mistress Bianca

Foot mistress Bianca

This is Foot Mistress Bianca and she’s one of the only goddesses online that I seek out when I’m craving a pair of beautiful feet to worship and serve. She’s truly pro when it comes tease and denial always knowing just how to milk me for more cash.

She wears the sexiest boots, high heels, stockings, I mean you name it and she has at there who are you and with. There’s still times I’m by myself that I sit around playing with myself thinking about the time she told me to suck on one of her heels like it was a dick.

Just a few days ago I gave in and blew a couple hundred dollars to watch her show off her sexy toe cleavage while she told me how much of a pathetic loser I was. Bianca has to be one of the most addictive foot mistresses on the web.

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