Forced Feminization: It’s Time to Get Girly!

Forced Feminization

For some guys being a girly sissy doesn’t come quite as easily as it does for others; that’s where forced feminization comes into play.

If you’re into it then you don’t need an explanation but for those that are but don’t know it yet; here goes!

Forced Feminization is the act of pushing a seemingly masculine man to do sissy related things they didn’t think they would.

It can be as vanilla as seducing and weakening a guy to the point of doing something feminine. On the other hand it can be as ruthless as getting a guy turned on and forcing his mouth down on a strapon or even worse a cock!

Feminization vs Forced Feminization

The main difference is the “forced” aspect of the feminization. With normal feminization fetishes you have a guy who is already extremely eager to become a sissy. Forced feminization is veered towards submissive men that may be willing to be a sissy to please their mistress.

Now after seeing the differences and learning about this form of sissification, how many of you have been craving this?

Image Credit: JennyCouture at Femdomist

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