Forced Intoxication Fetishes Driving You Wild?

Forced Intoxication Fetishes

Does the idea of forced intoxication keep driving you wild? When you think about it does it turn you on imagining a woman slowly seducing you, coaxing you into enjoying some more drinks as she begins to break down your will power for her own personal gain?

You’re probably already turned on just picturing that! Are you feeling thirsty now?

As a superior mistress I personally think forced intoxication can be incredibly fun especially with a submissive man that thinks he has the ability to keep composed and stay in control of himself.

In reality though you all know that you can’t. Our gorgeous bodies and manipulative words mixed with together with your drinks, will only leave you weakened and ready to get OWNED.

Forced Intoxication: Chugging and Subbing

Don’t feel bad about yourself! Forced intoxication is just another form of seduction fantasy that normal just like any other is. You don’t need to fight those urges when you can indulge in the real thing now.

From now on you can always turn to an online mistress or bratty princess to tease, seduce and ultimately get chugging & subbing!

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