Getting Caught in the Panty Drawer

Panty Drawer
Panty Drawer
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There are few things in life that are extremely humiliating that can actually happen by fluke. Getting caught in the panty drawer is definitely one them, that’s right up there with getting caught masturbating.

Now there is one thing for certain and that’s with the panty pigs that hang out on this site there must be a few of you at least that have been caught digging around in the delicate silky sweeties at some point in life.

As a woman unfortunately I’ve only caught one guy stuffing his paws into my panties and it was back when I was with my ex. Personally I enjoy teasing guys that are submissive, heck even using them when I feel like it but when it comes to a boyfriend I typically go for guys that are kinky but not submissive and definitely not the closet-sissy type.

Catching Him Red Handed

What happened was I had left him at my place while I ran to pickup a friend of mine from work. Her car was in the shop and she was pretty much screwed had I not been around to be her makeshift chauffeur. So I head out, pick her up and take her over to her apartment.

All in all it was probably around a half hour I was gone which I figured it would take quite a bit longer. When I left I had told my boyfriend at the time that I’d be gone about a hour or a hour and a half.

So I get back to my place and just didn’t feel like waiting around for the garage door opener, so I parked it and booked it to my front door. It was unlocked of course because someone was gonna be there waiting for me. I walk in and low and behold my man is no where to be found.

I check the bathroom and he’s not there so I head towards my bedroom and as I come tiptoeing up, BOOM! There he stood practically elbow deep in my dresser drawer digging through my undergarments. He had a few pairs of my cotton thongs laid out and some leopard full butt panties gripped in one of his hands.

Needless to say I had to bust him yelled out asking what the hell he was going. He swung around all red faced and stuttering trying to make excuses. So I’m all like, “Your busted bitch!” and started laughing hysterically at him. It was worse when I saw the boner blazing out of his pants like it was trying to burst the zipper.

Long story short I don’t know if he wanted to wear them or whack off but that relationship ended pretty quick and those panties got tossed out. He should been honest and told me about his panty pervert status and I would of simply changed him from boyfriend to girlfriend or boyfriend to stroke slave in a moments notice.

Share Your Experiences?

Do you have any good stories relating to your own experiences getting caught or catching someone in the panty drawer? Share it with us below and we’ll publish it on the site if it’s extra juicy.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Caught in the Panty Drawer

  1. When my wife, opened the bathroom unexpectedly, she saw me in her panties which she worn yesrweday and had thrown it in the laundry bag, she was horrified and just went back. I went after her and begged her to pardon me, she just pushed me off and trfused to speak to me. I was in my tears literally and on my knees. Sje might have loved to see me inthat position, and saw the opperyunity to fominate me. After questionng about my habit, when i gad started to doing it, she asked me, if have that stron desire to wear panties, I might have to agree to some conditions, which she is going to impose me, from tome to time. for a starter, she saud, that I have to give up watching sports channel , instead i have to take up doing the dishes and do the laundry.
    This is how, I was introduced to take up all the housework and become the homemaker

  2. Now if they want to admire aunties panties, all they have to do is lift their pretty little dresses – since they re wearing them! The bigger surprise for these lovely little ladies, was that upon their return home – their rooms had been turned into pink princess palaces.

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