Hypno Domme Training Sessions

Hypno Domme

It’s time for some hypno domme training sessions. That’s right erotic hypnosis with a beautiful superior dominatrix live on webcam.

I don’t hide or play games. I’ll show my face from the very beginning and show you that through my hypno domme training where your proper place is in life.

My soothing erotic voice will weave a magical spell that will slowly but surely bring you down deeper into my world of hypo-eroticism leaving you spellbound and helpless when it comes to my commands.

Hypno Domme Training You Need

Let me program you with my triggers so that it takes a single world or gesture to make you submit. Come share with me all of your fantasies whether it’s hypnosis for sissies, cuckolds, cum junkies or simply submissive male slaves.

One session with me and you’ll never question who you serve ever again. Submit and serve your domme now!

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22 thoughts on “Hypno Domme Training Sessions

  1. I need to be trained by a dominant woman and I love to feel submissive in panties and wish to obey you . submissively yours neil

  2. i have craved being enslaved to a dominant woman thru hypnosis and enforced chastity (having a Lori’s Solid tube with head cage spikes and piercing security pin,… A Dom Woman that can take control for real,… NOT JUST SOME CYBER DOM WANNA BE!!!!
    i have my doubts as to the use of hypnosis but am willing to take the gamble to find out if this is in fact a real method of control…., after all as I said,… i crave this!!!!! To this,… because of a life altering event back in early 2011 i crave forced feminization.

      1. I am ready mistress for such sessions i wanna be hypno in ur magical voice and i am ready to serve u as ur pet always loyal

  3. Hello my gorgeous Domme! Id love to give you a try. Id love to find a strong sexy woman to adore and pamper. Let me know if you’re interested please!?!

  4. If you are still looking for men to submit, I am willing to do so completely for the right Mistress. I’m sure I’d know in one session if I was in the right place.

  5. Dear madam,
    how can I get in touch with you? I’d like to become your little sissy slave. What do I need to do??
    Please reply.
    Kind regards

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