I am a Panty Addict! What Should I Do?

I am a Panty Addict!

I am a panty addict, what should I do about this? It’s all I can think about and I even want to wear them now instead of just steal them to sniff.

Welcome to the club! So you’re a panty addict and can’t stop fantasizing about women’s panties; how they smell and even how they feel. First off it’s certainly not a shocker whatsoever.

Many submissive men just like yourself have an overwhelming fascination with our sex little undergarments, so you’re not alone. Secondly you wanting to sniff at them like a pervert is not so uncommon either, after all they are the closest things to our naughty parts and of course soak up all of our tasty aromas – which naturally drive you guys crazy!

But by the sounds of it you wish this would go away and you could stop with all the panty play. Well we don’t agree with that aspect because as a little panty addict you deserve to be made to wear a pair and deserve to be forced to earn the privilege of sniffing their addictive aroma.

You are probably just feeling like some weird pervert because you keep trying to steal girls undies when in reality you should be serving a panty princess and doing what it takes to get a pair to enjoy.

Being a Panty Addict is for Life

So that’s our advice to you because in reality the addiction is never going to go away and the moment you get the chance you’ll be snatching them up just like you always have.

Go ahead and find a panty princess like many of us are and see what becoming a true addict is all about.

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