I Love Teasing Guys with My Panties

Teasing guys with my panties

That’s right, I admit it. I love teasing guys with my panties.

There is something extremely thrilling about knowing they are getting so turned on even by the tiniest glimpse of my little undies.

It wasn’t something I ever told my girlfriends about or boyfriends for that matter but I would go into public and nonchalantly let guys and even girls sometimes take peeks at my panties.

Teasing Guys & Girls

So what I’d do is go somewhere whether it was a bookstore, restaurant or wherever and I’d pretend to be oblivious to the fact that I was slowly opening my legs, allowing guys and girls to get a glimpse of tiny thongs or my girly frilly panties.

Once I noticed they were staring contently at them I’d abruptly close my legs and look at them to see their faces turn red with embarrassment and shame. It has always without a doubt left me wet and turned on. This is what led me to knowing I get off being a little tease with my panties.

Yeah you could say I have my own panty fetish so that’s why I started showing them off on webcam for submissive men and women to become addicted to.

So next time you’re aching to catch a glimpse, come see me and get tormented with my dozens of different panties live on cam.

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