I Wear Women’s Panties; What is Wrong with Me?

I wear women's panties

There isn’t anything technically wrong with you. You are just another guy with a panty wearing fetish.

I mean there is nothing unusual about preferring a different style of undergarment. Right? Wrong. No real man is going to wear women’s panties! You’re not only a panty fetishist but you also must be a bit of a sissy as well, aren’t you.

You probably love the feel of the soft and silky panties against your skin. There are times you probably even find yourself getting hard just thinking about slipping a pair of feminine undies on and when you do…oh boy that little dick just gets stiffening up doesn’t it.

All of us Mistresses know about you panty lovers so it’s no surprise to us that we hear so many of you claiming to love and begging to wear women’s panties.

It doesn’t shock us in the least but rather we’d like to make sure you stay in those little sissy panties so your constantly kept in a state of arousal as our personal little pantied pussy boys. You don’t need to tell anyone it’ll be our little secret that you love rocking panties.

Let us know all about your cravings in the comments below.

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