I’m a Total Brat and Proud of It

Total brat and proud of it

What’s up pig dicks? Yeah I’m a total brat, always have been, always will be. The thing is I’m proud of it and I’m here to tell you (thanks Webcam Femdoms!) why I am.

Let me put it like this: I always get my way and I get extremely pissed off when I don’t. So I find it more enjoyable to simply be a stuck up brat and do whatever the fuck I want to.

Women do what I want and men bow down to me like the Princess Brat that I really am. They both know their places when I’m around and if you and your miniature pinky dick plan on serving me, then you’ll learn your place too.

Brats Rule and Subbies Drool

So why do I think I have the right to be a brat? Well for starters my body is perfect, it always has been without having to work out or diet like those fat chicks out there.

My hair is gorgeous, thick and naturally curly. Oh and I suppose I could give one more reason or how about two? Look at my tits, big round and perfectly perky.

Finally I’m smart as hell to so I know just how to use my bratty ways to break a bitch like you down, right where I want you. Can you handle a brat like me?

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