Lady Bella Your Money Mistress

Mistress Lady Bella

I am Lady Bella your money mistress. I’m into hard-core phone sex manipulation of submissive men.

A total college hottie and cock tease extraordinaire, I’ll make sure your left always aching for more. I have no problem admitting that I’m greedy, gold digging and ruthless when it comes to getting exactly what I want.

Men to me are nothing more than disposable toys for me to use when I feel like it and discard without giving a shit. I don’t care if you haven’t came in forever or that you want to cry when I dump your ass like the loser you are.

None of that matters to me all that I care about is having little bitch boys pay my bills, buy me things and pay from my manicures and pedicures as well as hair appointments of course. So shopping slaves are a major bonus.

Be a Good Bitch. Serve Lady Bella Properly

So if you think you’re ready to serve a ruthless bitch like me then check my profile you little pig and then give me a call if you can handle it!

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