Latex Mistress Vivian

Latex Mistress Vivian

You need a latex mistress in your life don’t you? Don’t fight it any longer.

I understand you can’t help but get off on the look and feel of it’s slippery texture and the way it hugs my body just drives you insane.

I’m Latex Mistress Vivian and I take pleasure in turning you latex addicts into full blown junkies for my body and brain.

I own tons of latex outfits and accessories to tease you with and make that dick stay rock hard around the clock. Whether you’re married or single – I could care less.

It’s about serving me and my body the way it should be. Come and share all of your fantasies and fetishes with me so I can get a better understanding of what pushes your buttons. Then prepare yourself to spiral into a full blown addiction to your mistress.

Bow to a Latex Mistress

Besides just latex fetishes, female domination is truly my lifestyle all the time. I love getting into foot fetishes, shoe dangling, latex, gloves, feminization, strapon play and much more. So come take a taste of the real thing slaves.

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2 thoughts on “Latex Mistress Vivian

  1. Latex was one of my original fetishes. I would absolutely love to have a beautiful woman like yourself tell me what to do in latex.

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