Lick the Feet of a Princess

Lick the feet of a princess

Losers like you have no chance at ever dating me on a real level. So just be thankful I might let you lick the feet of a princess like me.

That’s about the only place a loser like you deserves to be; down beneath my feet and high heels regardless of how sweaty or dirty they may be.

In fact many of you will love knowing when my feet get all sweaty and smelly after a long hot day.

Licking My Princess Feet: The Ground Rules

But lets set some ground rules. A princess’s feet deserve to be worshiped just like the ground we walk on. I will not tolerate disobedient foot slaves and you can be assured I will put your ass in line if you do disobey me.

You will not be allowed to touch, sniff or lick any other part of my body besides my feet, high heels and if you’re lucky my pantyhose and socks.

Your place in life will be as my personal foot slave so get used to it.

You Need My Feet. That’s Reality.

I have superior beautiful toes, soles and feet that you simply can’t resist. The huge collection of shoes ranging from high heels to flip-flops will leave you begging to slide your pathetic stiff dick into one of my shoes – I’m sure of that.

Now that it’s settled, it’s time for you to learn your place in life as my little horny foot licker. I know your secret cravings and it’s about time you serve a real princess! Get in touch with me now and see why I’m the best and realist there is.

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