The Loft: Tiny dick pops twice in 25 seconds

I had been dating her a while and hadn’t quite gotten the sex part down but had plenty of chances. 

It was her birthday and we had just got done with an amazing day form morning till night. We had been having a great time and I had been teased by her all day in her short sundress.

It was occasionally revealing her little purple birthday thong that I was anxiously awaiting to see later that night back at her place.

Cheated on but it was cool

Being a sophomore I could always get a raging boner for her but I usually didn’t last long and sometimes slipped out too much or just overall lacked experience to please her.


She had cheated on me a few times but she was still playing with my miniature polish penis popper too. Plus she was a super cool chick so it didn’t bother me if she had to get some different cocks while I tried to learn at sex better.

Pointers for a Polish Pecker

Tonight I had read up online about some pointers and even took a precaution to get some numbing lube to help last longer for her.

She loved sex and was always trying to help me do better for her sweet sexy pussy and bubble butt. This Polish pecker was prepped and ready or so I thought.

Alyssa spots my popper

As we pulled in she glanced at my shorts unable to hide my absolutely raging poker and said, “You look ready to give me what I want for my birthday,” and winked and smiled and giggled at me. I could barely stutter a response and to this day I didn’t know what it was that I said.

Risky business begins

She parked the car and jumped out. She lived back a ways off road and no neighbors and loved being risky anyways. She immediately took down her sundress and revealed that purple thong and matching bra.

Her purple thong

Then she gave me a finger waggle and slinked off ahead climbing the loft stairs in the garage. I literally was running to catch up and follow her.

As she walked up and I panted behind her, her ass cheeks drummed into my brain “LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT!”

Each step my polish popper kept getting harder and feeling more desperate for release. My whole goal was slipping away and the numbing lube was back in the car!

OMG what was I gonna do?

My little jalapeno popper cock wasn’t going to be able to get the job done. I just prayed I wouldn’t premature ejaculate before I got it in.

You’re so hard!

She went down on all fours on the loft bed and then popped back up on her knees. As I got behind her she grinded her sexy ass cheeks all over my precum flooding cock and she said “Wholy shit you’re so hard just fuck me now I’m ready,” and she was so wet!

She went back on her hands and reached under for my dick to put in and got my balls first giving them a squeeze and massage! My eyeballs rolled back in my head I knew I was fucked.

Don’t premature ejaculate!

Before I could think or stammer she reached under and up and triangle grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy from behind. She said “Give me that birthday fucking big boy!” and as she finished her sentence, I went in and out and my load sprayed everywhere all over her cheeks and bed!

Tried to pull out.

I tried to pull out and mostly did and started apologizing and telling her she was just too hot. She got a towel and rolled on her back looking disappointed but was still being nice and said “It’s okay just finger me while it gets hard again!” I was embarrassed and it had started going limp already at the same time.

Finger banging beta

I sat there trying to finger her and it wasn’t doing anything for her as my cocklette went to about 2-3 inches half arching near her perfect ass cheeks.

She started massaging balls again and then it popped back to life enough to try and go in again! Rejuvenated she sucked on it and said “There it is!”

She fingered herself a bit to get ready and licked her hand before wetting my cock too. This time she laid me on my back and sat down on my raging polish pee-pee.

Squirming like a bitch

She started bouncing up and down and holding my knees down as I squirmed and fidgeted desperately. Sweating and feeling almost like I didn’t even cum before I started feeling a load coming up again! NO!

Double premature ejaculation problems.

I told her I thought I was cumming and she literally thought I was kidding from the first mishap and said “There’s no way haha!” and kept bouncing up and down.

I said “Alyssa” and at that moment I squirted again right in her hot pussy as she let out a surprise “Ooooh!”

In total I came twice in 25 seconds or less of total sex and although Alyssa had fun with me all day and night she at that point no doubt realized I was a waste of time.

Cuckolding was the only way

Without a doubt she knew my pathetic excuse for cock and balls was going to always need to be cheated on and eventually ultimately dumped in order to get what she needs.

Cuckolding me was the only option for the time being. At least as a cuckoldress she could get all the big cock she wanted while sizing me up to get dumped.

Alyssa I am sorry!

Alyssa I’m so sorry I could never satisfy your pussy and especially sorry I let you down on your birthday when you worked so hard to set up a hot and sexy night in your purple thong and empty house.

I got way more chances than I deserved and just wanted to apologize vigorously again in memory of the July 17th dumping of my lil’ flopper and premature bay-bays and pathetic loser self.

Please please if there is ever a time where you need a cuckold cleanup bottom barrel bitch boy or an ass tonguing after the gym or sex just let SYTD know and I can be slutted out for services as you desire.

Knowing what I put you through they’d at least let you kick my sack in as long as you wanted to get even for me wasting your time. Alyssa I really am truly so so sorry.

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