Are You a Man That Wears Panties?

Man that wears panties

You didn’t think by panty pigs it just meant guys who are hooked on them, did you? We aren’t that dumb we know that you may be a man that wears panties, there’s no hiding that.

Maybe you’re a sissy or maybe it’s just the sexy, silky feel of a pair of panties against your skin that drives you mad. Well lets cut to the chase.

You’re a Man That Wears Tiny Panties

You don’t need to run and hide you can stick around here and play; you’re welcome here. After all you are addicted to panties in your own way, now aren’t you? It’s alright your secret is safe with us.

So long as you know how to treat a Princess properly that is.

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Man That Wears Panties?

  1. I’ve been a panty wearing sissy for the last seven years now. I can’t help it anymore. It’s just who/what I am now. All the mp3 and video recordings I’ve watched have helped. It’s fun being a sissy.

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