I Masturbate with Shoes

Foot Princess NYJessie88

You would be surprised at how many times we hear; I masturbate with shoes. These foot fetish loving horn-dogs are literally everywhere. Having a foot fetish isn’t anything new, believe it or not thousands of men have one just rarely do you ever hear about it.

Usually you can tell by whether or not they keep making comments on your shoes and high heels. Odds are if you have a guy do so he has a little foot fantasy of his own he is keeping quiet.

Of course the ultimate for them is to do things like hump off on a cute little pair of or even masturbate with shoes. To someone not familiar with this type stuff it most likely seems crazy. It’s not necessarily crazy it’s just another perversion of the submissive men that love dominant women and the feminine aspects of them, in this case it happens to be our sexy shoes.

Watching Slaves Masturbate with Shoes

Personally I love watching a foot slave getting worked up over my heels because then you can use it against them to tease them into doing anything you want. For example I might make a slave tribute me or do something I want done in exchange for the honor of being able to masturbate with shoes; my hot little shoes that is.

So if you’re hoping to get away with a pair of my sandals or stilettos so that you can cop a quick pump into them you better think again and earn that privilege. If you’d like to indulge your foot fetish the check out all the princesses online in Foot Mistress Chat.

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