Miniature penises make men feel feminine

Miniature penises make some men feel feminine.

Growing up and being stuck with a miniature penis leads some men to feel feminine and ripe for sissification.

Many guys have miniature penises and it’s unfortunate for thongs stuck rocking them. There is an upside though. Some of you naturally feel feminine due to your dick size.

And that means sissification will only be that much easier.

Embracing Penis Reality

Naturally the feelings of being a bit of a sissy can’t help but cross the mind of a man with a small penis, so embrace it. How could they not?

When looking down at a 2 inch limp penis and seeing other men with 4, 5 and even 6 inch limp cocks hanging down, it comes quite obvious. Think about those times in the showers or locker rooms when you might have caught a glimpse.

Sure a guy might try to rationalize that it’s limp so maybe they’re both the same when hard — but you know it’s not true.

So at that point you’re either going to naturally become submissive to that guy or you’re going to fight it and in turn be jealous of him. Being jealous is the same as being submissive — so you lost the penis battle and became like a girl instead.

Femininity is Calling Out to Your Miniature Penises

There is no denying that a small penis can never pleasure a woman the way a large one can. You’ll endure a lifetime of humiliation from girlfriends and wives — if you can even get one without lying your way into it.

No man wants that but guys with small dicks need to get used to it or accept femininity from the beginning. Allowing yourself to endure feminization is the only way for a useless little cock to find it’s place in the world.

Accept being more feminine than real men. Test out wearing panties and see if they don’t fit more appropriately and you’ll see for yourself, that it has always been calling you. Sissification and feminization are the only way for you aside from becoming a cuckold.

Take your pick and free your miniature penises from delusional thoughts and ideas.

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