Money Mistress Sheila

Mistress Sheila

This is Money Mistress Sheila. She’s a twenty five year old webcam mistress who has used me on numerous occasions.

I just can’t resist it when she starts hypnotically dancing in front of me. It was like right from the beginning she knew just how to push my buttons.

She has these really dark seductive eyes that just draw you right in. Needless to say the moment she bent over and began wiggling her ass in my face the money began to flow out of my pig wallet in no time.

We spoke probably five or six times now and I still can’t seem to get out of her web of seduction. Sheila has a way of imprinting herself in your mind and it’s so damn hard to shake. Now I constantly crave her money manipulation.

She can usually be found on ImaFemdom for the most part but sometimes she will do phone sex too. Look for her under the name xSheila01x.

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