Money Mistress Gift Card Challenge

Money mistress gift card challenge.

We are happy to see so many people visiting the site and wanted to address all the emails about the new Money Mistresses Gift Card Challenge!

I know you’re all probably excited to get in on the action but let me first explain exactly what it is and why we decided to do it.

So many wanting to tribute

We had received 100s emails, all of which were looking for ways they could tribute directly to site rather than an individual mistress or princess.

In other words they wanted to send cash for the cause and keep our site going strong for the benefit of cash pigs and money slaves around the globe.

So the Money Mistresses Gift Card Challenge was born.

How it works

Basically how it works is you can email gift certificates from Amazon or Victoria’s Secret directly to us and we will in turn share the wealth among the goddesses running the site, such as the authors and our design girls.

Send your gift card now

It’s super simple. All you need to do is visit amazon’s gift card page or the VS website. After that pick the amount you want and have it sent to:

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