Money Pigs Need Training and Draining

Money Pigs

Silly little money pigs. They always seem to need training and of course always need draining.

I’ve noticed there is always a tendency among them that leaves them always wondering if the money mistress or findom they are serving is real. Always asking for proof, wanting to see your face on webcam and all sorts of stuff.

Well the thing is when you mess with money goddesses like us these little money pigs are left with a different dilemma — the proof is instantly available which means the draining and training starts immediately.

Why waste your time with fake wannabe mistresses when you can get the real gold digging deal right from the get go. Screw all those ugly skanks that hide behind fake pics and stories — instead come right to the source and get your wallet drained HARD.

Money Pigs Find Their Proper Place

Are you ready to pig out? Well you should be! Now that there is a full blown female and financial domination based community online you should be flapping your pigtail dick and wallet around in a frenzy!

Money pigs can now find real money mistresses without any doubt about how real they are, what they look like or if they available. All while knowing everything is 100 percent discreet. Enjoy!

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