Obsessing Over Women’s Feet

Women's Feet Teasing You

I’ve been nonstop obsessing over women’s feet and it seems like nothing else can even get me hard anymore.

Though I’ve tried it’s hard to find ladies in the real world to let me indulge so I’ve been looking around online. Do you think it has gone on too far? Is this bad for me? Where can I find women who will show me their feet online?

Whoa now! Slow down there tiger that’s a lot of questions but (wiggling my toes) I’m going to address all of them for you in regards to your obsession with feet. First of all none of it has gone too far or is bad for you.

Sexual fantasies can’t go too far so long as you are keeping them to yourself and sharing only with like-minded people. So forget about that worry. Also just because you’re into feet doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, it just means you get turned on by feet like another guy gets turned on by big boobs. No big deal.

Obsessing Over Women’s Feet?

The thing is you may or may not realize it but you have a foot fetish which is why it seems like only feet get you hard. It probably didn’t at first but as you accepted your attractive to women’s feet it blossomed and grew into a full fledged fetish.

Fetishes are totally healthy and normal unless of course you can’t function like a normal human as well (i.e. having a job, paying your bills etc…) When that happens then you need to check yourself! But until then just accept your desires and indulge.

You mentioned seeing women’s feet online. See now that shows you are already thinking sane in terms of your foot fetish rather than lurking around trying to stare at feet in public.

Finding women online is as simple as visiting our webcams link at the top of the page and you’ll be able to search through 100’s of women who would definitely show you how erotic and addictive pretty feet can be.

Now quit worrying you foot freak and have some fun!

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