My Panty Buns Will Rule You

Panty buns
Panty buns
Image Credit: SexySugarFlaMe/ImaFemdom

It’s one of those things you can not resist. My panty buns have a way of weakening you to the point of no return.

A perfect pair so snugly wrapped in my thin underwear so you can see the outline of everything naughty about me. It’s where you want to rub, sniff, lick and snuggle your face against – you can’t stop those cravings.

A submissive panty fiend like you should always be ready to drop to your knees prepared to serve a true Queen. After all that’s the only way you’ll ever get glimpse of my panty buns and we both know you need that.

My Perfect Panty Buns

Aren’t they just adorable? I mean look at how my tiny red panties tuck into my cute little crack as if they are as addicted to my ass as you are. Can you blame them?

Go ahead and stare at them knowing you could be serving them online right now. I have a webcam, microphone and so many panties I could bury you in them. Now is the time to come and beg me for the honor of seeing me show off my panty buns for you.

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