Panty Princess Nikki is Intoxicating

Nikki the Panty Princess

Panty Princess Nikki is a super sexy blonde domina who is a natural tease as in she naturally teases the hell out of panty hounds like you guys everywhere she goes.

Her body is unbelievable and you’re bound to go bonkers when you see how tight she wears all of her knickers. You guys and sissies are going to love her!

She’s 21 years old and only weighs 110 lbs which she manages with ease. I’ll share a little secret about her too (even though she may be upset with me!), she absolutely loves panties; buying them, wearing them and of course flaunting them.

If you’ve been sniffing around for a divine panty princess to start serving and tributing then you’ll want to go talk to her and see what she can work out for you.

Even though I just roped her into having fun with it online, she’s already getting bombarded by you slaves and addicts; as you can imagine. But that doesn’t mean my girlfriend won’t make some room for another pig in her pen.

You can check out Panty Princess Nikki here and now.

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