Pay Pigs Will Learn Their Place Below Me

Pay pigs will learn their place

You inferior subs mean one thing to me; pay pigs. All you are to me is submissive slave and often times many of you are straight up losers that would never get the chance to talk to or even associate with me.

But no matter what kind of guy you are, when you start serving me you will soon find out where your place is beneath my beauty always. You’ll soon realize that you love this place and the constant money slavery and wallet abuse I put you through. It is a need of yours that you must follow through with.

You see, pay pigs like you only exist to work, obey and pay a perfect princess like me. It seems so right that it can’t be wrong. So just relax and realize that you are going to become one of my pay pigs, pull out your wallet and be prepared to pay and pamper me like I deserve.

Pay Pigs Can Get Used Instantly

The difference between me and many other so called princesses is the fact that I have no problem proving who I am, showing myself or anything else that all those fakes shy away from.

With me you’ll know as one of my pay pigs, that you are always dealing with the real deal — a true dominant greedy cash princess!

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