Perfect Ass Cash Princess

Perfect ass cash princess

You know me. I am that girl you always wished you could touch but a cash princess with a perfect ass like me just wouldn’t allow such a thing.

Losers like you are nothing more than toys to me, something to play with, tease and use for everything you have.

The worst or shall I say, best part about it is you love the fact that I use your deepest desires and secrets against you so that I financially gain from it. Any humiliation or ridicule only gets you more turned on and ready to tribute the pretty princess even more.

Cash Princess Loves to Spend

It’s certainly something I don’t need to hide. I love spending cash and primarily your cash. You’ll learn to love it as well on your path to becoming my little cash cow and human atm.

Just think of how hot it’ll be to see the new bras and panties, I’ve spent your hard earned money on. After all you don’t deserve anything more than enough cash to survive so you can make me more of it. Sending me tributes and blowing money on me will soon become your favorite addiction.

Take another look at my perfect princess body and you’ll see exactly why you want to serve me properly.

My Perfect Princess Body

cash princess

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