Princess is Turning Me Into a Complete Sissy Bitch

Princess is at it again and she has all but turned Mark into a complete sissy bitch at this point.

He’s prancing around in panties and announcing his goal of becoming sissy famous. Talk about pathetic! Just look at his tweet below for proof of how sissified he has become.

Sissy Announcing His Beta Bitch Status

Femdom Livestream

2 thoughts on “Princess is Turning Me Into a Complete Sissy Bitch

  1. Some people are happy to get the extra control or help to be ourselves. I’m just clueless as to why peopleget so turned on being humiliated really. But hey, I’m TS/MTF on HRT (female hormones) myself. But thinking you should start thinking about being more feminine or girly maybe as you seem to need a nudge maybe

  2. Hard to really stop the urges to be a complete and dirtified whore. Lol. Maybe you should watch some sissy hypnos. As they are like next to impossible to stop. Lol

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