Put Panties on for Your Mistress

Panties on for Mistress!

We hope you sissies are ready for something special and it involves putting those panties on for your mistress! Both of us know how much you love pretty panties so now we can have fun with them while we train you to become good sissified slaves.

More often than not we are doing sissy training sessions over the phone or live on webcam with voice chat but some of you started craving more interaction.

You wanted to be able to get on webcam yourself and put those panties on for your mistresses and princesses. Of course you would and should! So guess what the little something special was? Now you can do just that! Lets check it out piggies!

Panties on for Mistress? How So?!

Plenty of so called ‘online mistresses’ won’t even show their faces which is just ridiculous. All of us have no problem showing our faces, asses or anything else we feel like — so you know we are legit which is why we are now offering the closest thing to real time sissification sessions. You ready?

Now not only can you see and chat with us but now you sissy wannabes can actually get on your own webcams and put those panties on for us live in action. Get ready for some fun — just think of all the possibilities when it comes to sissy training now. Come get some and be prepared to get feminized!

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