Sexy Goddess Loves Giving the Middle Finger

Goddess loves giving the middle finger.
Goddess loves giving the middle finger.
Image via BegYrSexyGodess/ImaFemdom

There is nothing that quite epitomizes the place of a complete loser than giving the middle finger and laughing at how weak they are.

I love seeing how weak and pathetic I make men. Seeing them get so turned on and throbbing hard only to be laughed at and humiliated as I flip them the middle finger.

It’s such a turn on for me to feel the power I wield over them and soon will have over you as well. A sexy bitch like me would never actually date guys like you so you have to settle for the abuse and humiliation. I just laugh my pretty little ass off at how weak you get as you grovel at my feet.

Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll let you take a peek up my skirt as you lay there throbbing hard and then take a middle finger right in your face.

Learn where you real place in life is; down at my feet like a total bitch.

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