Sissy Bimbo Denver Shoemaker’s Guide to Sucking Dick

Sissy Denver's Guide to Sucking Dick

Welcome to the first part of Sissy Bimbo Denver Shoemaker’s guide to sucking dick. The aim being to train you how to pleasure a piece of meat like this hungry hoe. 

Getting a guy in the mood is a major part of it. Take it from me, all the dicks I’ve played with love being tease until they are raging hard for me.

Stroke that dick like a ditsy bimbo

Sissy Denver's Guide to Sucking Dick

Don’t be afraid to get your hands all over that dick. Giving him a hot denver style handjob will do the trick. After a few minutes of jacking off that hot hardon he’ll be ready to hump your face.

I’ve tested this method and trust me it works wonders! Jerking his horny dick will get you right where you want him before beginning your bimbo blowjob!

Check back for part two, it’s like coming soon.

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