Sissy Chastity for Clit Dicks

Sissy Chastity CB6000

Now isn’t this cute. A little sissy chastity to keep your little clit dick from cumming without permission.

For those stroke addicts, cum fiends and pigs who have a problem controlling themselves this will be just exactly what YOU need.

Once we get you locked up in one of these your jack off problems go out the window and you’ll soon find out what orgasm control is really about.

Pick yourself up one of these over at and if you need a key holder because you don’t have a mistress or only serve online then contact us and we will let you send it to us Princesses to control your cock.

Lock Up Your Pathetic Cock!

So maybe you’re an inferior man with a tiny little set of balls. That’s okay! We know just the thing for you. It’s called being chastised.

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