Sissy Marky: The Story of a Feminized Beta Male

I’m Sissy Marcy aka Marci and I am an effeminate sissy beta boi that loves dressing girly.

Sure I tried to be a man years ago but I always ended up getting dumped and kicked to the curb for not having a big penis. After realizing I wasn’t Mark the man but Sissy Marky the effeminate beta, my cravings started increasing almost immediately.

That’s when I decided that instead of wasting their time with my beta nature, I would now strive to become a sissy bimbo that dresses all cute just like they did while they were checking out all the real studs and dumping me. Just the thought of my cute ex-girlfriends hooking up with real men still makes my sissy stick get hard in my panties.

Sissy Marky Loves Girly Outfits

I wear very cute and super emasculating girly outfits because I enjoy the humiliation. I love wearing panties and adore cute sundresses paired with super cute flat, strappy sandals that scream girly girl. I love little denim short shorts and cute flirty tops too! I guess that’s why I go by Sissy Marky now.

I have also found that for further emasculation and feminization, I also love the outfits and dresses that make me look like a little sissy girl. Those erase any shred of masculinity I had left.

Panties? Yes Please!

I want slip on panties and a matching bra and a wig and a pretty Alice in Wonderland dress. I would absolutely love to be wearing black patent Mary Jane’s or little black flats too. I would love to have a little photo shoot why am told how to pose and then I would love to be tied up helplessly.

I can’t help but crave the humiliation of being seen and laughed at in a pretty little dress and cute sandals. I am so not real man…

I’m Not a Real Man

No real man would ever dress like a sissy the way I do. I need to be emasculated by all the real women. I am a panty wearing, emasculated, effeminate girly sissy boi. It’s so humiliating when Princess posts me on Freakden too.

Now because I beg for humiliation and exposure Princess is making me sissy famous. I’m a pathetic sissy faggot who craves exposure and humiliation. I am not a real man just a weak limp wrist-ed effeminate sissy girly boi.

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