Sit on Your Buttplug and Get Girly

Sit on Your Buttplug

You know you’re not a real man and that you have zero chance of scoring a Goddess like me so just sit on your buttplug and get girly.

What an inferior man like you deserves is sissification and feminization. That’s right and no it doesn’t necessarily have to involve wearing panties or naughty lingerie.

Instead it can involve you getting your booty packed with a juicy buttplug! Doesn’t that sound so exciting, fun and naughty all wrapped into one little rubber bundle of sauciness. You know it does.

Please Goddess & Sit on Your Plug

You know what the worst part about it is? You probably already find yourself thinking about plugging your butt. You’ve probably had the idea cross your mind out of curiosity or something you saw on the internet and now you find your tiny pink hole begging for a packing.

That oh-so-full feeling you’ll have and the constant reminder of your owner is something that can certainly be incredibly enticing.

Just picture one of us holding it out on a chair and ordering you to squat down over it and sit down with it pushing firming against your man hole. Sounds pretty hot doesn’t it?

If you do a really good job and learn to sit on your buttplug properly then you just might earn the honor of taking strap on dildo deep into your man butt.

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  1. How much I feel You capture my fantasie and attention … so a strong transport I fell to stay under your guide, control and cure. I hope I hear from you. Gilardo_sis

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